About us


We are a specialized energy saving company located in Malaga.

We are more than a simple solar energy company

Azimut solar is a company dedicated to the installation, design and supply of Energy Saving equipment located in Malaga. Azimut is made up of a multidisciplinary technical team, and has the global vision of offering our social and business environment the mechanisms and tools that help them obtain maximum efficiency in the processes and services they develop, with the greatest respect for the environment.

José Miguel Moyano - CEO / Founder

We respect and care for the environment

Each Kilowatt installed, each thermal panel working or each project we carried out contributes to saving polluting emissions into the atmosphere, but all of them also serve to raise awareness in our surroundings for the protection of the environment and a sustainable way of life.


We innovate in each project without exceptions.

For us, being technically up-to-date is part of our job.


We always give more to our customers.

Because for us they are the key to success and we want to take good care of them.


We are concerned about the environment.

Because we only have one planet and we must take care of it.